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PEM membrane with catalyst

PEM membrane with catalyst

pem membrane
1. SPE/PEM technology
2. No need KOH, only pure water
3. use USA made dupont solid polymer membrane

pem membrane:


through electrolysis pure water to produce pure H2 and O2. No need KOH as catalyst.

use world advanced SPE/PEM technology. It is core parts for SPE/PEM technology hydrogen generators.


we have four types below:


H2 Out Flow: 0--150ml/min ( one membrane inside)

                      0--300ml/min(two membranes inside)

                      0--500ml/min(three membranes inside)

                      0--1000ml/min ( six membrane inside )


Only put in pure water to produce H2 & O2 gas.

we use Dupont membrane. Cell diameter: 126mm.

current density: 0.2A/cm2. bear up to 80 centi-degree.

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