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Haze&Transmittance Meter
CATEGORY Other Lab Instruments
WGT-S Light transmittance / haze meter is applicable for light transmission rate / fog density measurement of all transparent or semi-transparent samples with a parallel surface (plastic plates, and sheets, etc), as well as turbidity or clarity determination of liquid samples (water, and drinks, etc.). The technical design meets the requirements of relevant standards, such as GB2410-80, ASTMD1033-61 (1997), and JISK7105-81, etc. The instrument adopted a method of automatic micro-computer operation. It is convenient for use, and may display light transmission rate and fog density at the same time. There is a standard printer interface on it.
1. Measuring range: light transmission rate: 0 to 100.0% ;Fog density: 0 to 30%
2. Accuracy: for light transmission rate≤1%;
for fog density: if ≤0.5%, ≤±0.1%;  if >0.5%,≤±0.3%;
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